Type HS pumps are  cantilevered, horizontal,  centrifugal slurry pumps.They are designed for handing abrasive,high density slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power and building material etc.

1.It is centrifugal ,popular in many kinds of mining and industry, such as gold, sand or copper
2.Wet spare parts are all made of high chrome,  so it is very anti-wear, anti-abrasive material
3.Working in high efficiency, low noise, reliable and simple structure, easy to operate for buyer
4.The shaft seals for type HS pumps can be adoptable of  gland seal or centrifugal shaft seal.
5.The  discharge direction can be positioned at  eight directions  according to buyer’s choice

Model Specification
Discharge Size Suction Size Max. Power Max. Head Max. Capacity Pump Speed Weight
inch  inch kW m m3/min r/min kg
50HS-C 2 3 30 64 1.44 1,300-2,700 191
50HHS-D 2 3 60 87 2.28 850-1,400 191
75HS-C 3 4 30 52 3.3 1,000-2,200 263
75HHS-E 3 4 120 97 4.2 6,00-1,400 263