The industrial vacuum cleaner could be dry and wet floor use, can be fitted with many kinds of concrete floor grinder polisher machine, durable and long lasting.

Have the strong silent type motor, the excellent pumping and suction function strong and powerful.

The front PU wheel and rear rubber wheel sturdy and durable, and have good mute effect when push, it can be suitable for any bad environment clean in heavy industry.

Model Specification
Model Air Flow Depression Tank Capacity Power Power Supply
m3/h  H2O L MAX V
GTV-30WDS  210 2,400 30 1,200 220-240V
GTV-60WD  340 2,400 60 2,400 220-240V
GTV-60WDS  340 2,400 60 2,400 220-240V
GTV-80WDS  340 2,400 80 2,400 220-240V
GTV-90WD3 510 2,400 90 3,600 220-240V